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Happy students in class at The London Meisner Company

Ongoing Training

Ongoing Meisner training develops an actor's ability to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances. In this weekly training, we offer authentic, Meisner training from Neighborhood Playhouse graduates. No bullshit. No subsidizing. Just Meisner Technique the way it should be taught.

By enhancing emotional responsiveness, authenticity, and spontaneous reactions by experiencing every part of this technique, it sharpens listening skills and instincts. Your teacher will work closely and intimately with you to help you overcome your blockages and help you delve deeper into your craft.

Students will experience every part of the Technique including:

- Tone Work
- Single Word Repetition
- Calling on Behaviour
- Independent Activities
- Knock at the Door
- Emotional Preparation
- Introduction to text
- First Year Scenes
- Second Year Scenes

Continuous training refines an actor's craft, expands their range, and maintains emotional accessibility, crucial for lasting success in the competitive acting industry.

Application interviews are required as a quick meet and greet for interested students wanting to join the Ongoing Training.

  • 18-22 month course duration
  • £29 (fees are paid every 10 weeks)
  • London studio locations | N77QT | E11DU | TW12PD
  • Weekly 2-3 hour classes

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Happy students in class at The London Meisner Company

Drop-In classes

Drop-in Meisner classes offer actors flexible opportunities to develop their craft without long-term dedication. These classes provide a dynamic environment where participants can practice and refine their skills, focusing on emotional truth and spontaneous reactions. By regularly engaging in these sessions, actors enhance their listening abilities and responsiveness, crucial for authentic performances. Drop-in classes also allow for continuous feedback from instructors, helping actors identify and address weaknesses. The varied group of participants fosters diverse interactions, broadening an actor's experience with different styles and personalities. This flexibility makes it easier to fit training into busy schedules, maintaining consistency in practice.
  • £19.99 per class
  • London | EC3A 4AF
  • Weekly 1.5 hour classes
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