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Six Week Repetition Intensive

Happy students in class at The London Meisner Company

A six-week repetition intensive in the Meisner technique provides focused and immersive training for actors to deepen their emotional truth and authenticity. This concentrated program enhances actors' listening and observational skills through consistent, rigorous practice of the repetition exercise.

Participants quickly build trust and responsiveness, crucial for dynamic and engaging performances. The structured format allows for progressive skill development, ensuring actors gain a solid foundation in Meisner principles. Intensive feedback from instructors accelerates growth and helps identify and overcome personal acting challenges. Overall, a six-week intensive offers a transformative experience that significantly elevates an actor's craft.

Students are encouraged to join the waitlist. The class will proceed once it reaches the required number of participants.

  • £250.00
  • London | EC3A 4AF
  • 2-3 hour classes
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The National Film and Television School

National Film and television school Meisner Teaching Location

The Acting for Screen two-week intensive will take students through the entirety of the Meisner Technique and apply Meisners approach as well as other methods, to help actors reach the next level in terms of their emotional honesty under imaginary circumstances. It will aid actors in responding truthfully and fully to the surrounding environment and their commitment to serving the scene. These full 10am-5pm days are thoroughly intensive. Students will receive a certificate of completion at the end of their training.

Notable alumni from NFTS include oscar award winning cinematographer Roger Deakins, Oscar award winning animator Nick Park and acclaimed directors David Yates (Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts) and Lynne Ramsay (We Need To Talk About Kevin).

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Online 4-month Short Course

Faces on a video call practicing Meisner

We are pleased to offer an online 4-month short course in the Meisner Technique. This comprehensive course will take students through the entirety of the Meisner Technique, resulting in a certificate of completion.

In these weekly 3 hour online classes, students will learn Single Word repetition, Calling on Behaviour, Independent Activities, Knock at the Door, Emotional Preparation before moving into scene work.

This course is perfect for students interested in training with The London Meisner Company but who are not based in London. Please get in contact with us to find out the dates of the next short course.

The online class will be capped at 10.

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