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How do I join the Ongoing Training and why do I need to book an Application Interview?

We’re firm believers that every actor needs to find the right classroom, the right teacher and the right methodology and that’s why we like to chat to students who are interested in the Ongoing Training.
An Application Interview isn't so much of an interview but more a quick chat where we can find out a bit about you and you can find out more about us. Please book an Application Interview on our Contact Page .

How do I join the Drop-In classes or Six Week Repetition Intensive?

Just visit the booking portal or go to our Instagram profile and click the 'Book Now' button.
Please note: Application Interviews are
not needed for Drop-In classes.

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What courses do you offer and when do they start?

We currently offer four courses:

The Ongoing Training Course is 18-22 months of weekly 2–3 hour classes. The next intake is planned for Autumn 2024. Class will run on a Sunday afternoon in Liverpool Street at 3pm. Start date TBC.

The Drop-In Classes are currently running weekly and are 1-1.5 hours long.

The Six Week Repetition Intensive will start on Wednesday June 12th and end on the 24th July with a one week break. This 2-3 hour class will run on Wednesday evenings from 7pm.

We also offer a short 4-month intensive online course of weekly 3 hour classes. Please get in contact to find out the date of the next intake.

The 10-day intensive course is offered through The National Film and Television School - please contact NFTS directly to find out the dates of the next course.

What’s the difference between the Ongoing Training and the Drop-In Classes?

It all comes down to what actors are looking for in terms of their training. Some actors are looking for more of an open gym where they can attend sporadic classes to tweak their craft and explore new approaches. In this case, the Drop-In classes would suit.

Other actors are looking to work on themselves and get out of their head and elevate their craft. In this case, the Ongoing Training would suit.

Please note: If students are looking to study the entirety of the Meisner Technique, then the Ongoing Training is more suitable.

What does the six week intensive entail? 

A six-week Meisner Technique Repetition Intensive course offers a transformative journey into the heart of truthful acting. Through the focused repetition exercises, students learn to shed inhibitions, listen deeply, and respond authentically in the moment. This intensive format allows for a deep dive into the Meisner Technique, providing students with a solid foundation in emotional honesty, spontaneity, and connection with scene partners. By the end of the course, students emerge with a heightened sense of presence, a greater emotional range, and the confidence to fully immerse themselves in any role.

Where are the classes held?

Our Ongoing Training studios are located in Central London, North London and Richmond. Our Drop-In Centre is located in Soho.

The Ongoing Training Course:

Central London: Mixing Networks E1 1DU | Map

North London: Fourth Monkey Acting Academy N77QT | Map

Richmond The Crossway, TW12PD | Map

Drop-In Classes:

Central London: Theatre Deli, EC3A 4AF | Map

Mondays. 6pm-7.30pm.

Advanced Technique:
Mondays. 7.45pm-9.15pm.

Beginner Repetition:
Tuesdays. 7.30pm-9.00pm.

Advanced Repetition:
Tuesdays. 6.00pm-7.30pm.

Six Week Repetition Intensive:
Central London: Theatre Deli, EC3A 4AF | Map  

Wednesdays. 7pm

When are the classes held?

The Ongoing Training Classes:  Classes run once a week and are between 2-3 hours long. Classes run on weekday evenings and weekends.
Please note: The next Beginner’s Meisner Technique class intake is planned for Autumn 2024. Class will be held on a Sunday afternoons from 3.00pm. Start date TBC.

Drop-In Classes: The classes are currently held on Monday and Tuesday evenings. Please see the timetable available here or on our Instagram page under the ‘Book Now’ button.

Six Week Repetition Intensive:
These 2-3 hour classes are held on a Wednesday evening from 7pm.

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How big are the classes?

Drop-In Repetition Introductory/Beginner/Advanced: 10
Ongoing Training: Approx. class size starts around 20 students to ensure the longevity of training and a well rounded experience.
Six Week Repetition Intensive: 10

What course is right for me? 

Ongoing training in the Meisner Technique provides actors with a continuous and in-depth exploration of Sanford Meisner's principles over an extended period. These courses offer actors an unparalleled opportunity for deep and sustained growth. Through regular classes students immerse themselves in the principles of truthful acting, honing their skills and developing a profound understanding of the craft. With each class, actors delve deeper into the technique, building upon previous lessons and expanding their emotional range, spontaneity, and connection with scene partners. The ongoing nature of this training allows for the gradual and comprehensive development of the actor's instrument, instilling confidence, emotional truth, and a strong sense of presence. As students progress, they not only become more adept at their craft but also gain invaluable insights into themselves and their fellow actors, fostering a supportive and collaborative artistic community.

Drop-In Classes offer a more flexible approach, allowing actors to attend individual sessions as their schedule permits. Drop-in classes provide an opportunity to dive into Meisner's principles without the commitment of a long-term program. The classes offer actors a flexible and accessible way to explore this powerful acting method and refine their skills and provide a supportive environment for actors to connect with peers, explore new techniques, and maintain their creative momentum.

A Six-Week Repetition Intensive in the Meisner Technique offers a concentrated and immersive experience, providing a comprehensive introduction to the technique's core principles in a shorter timeframe. This Six-Week Repetition Intensive is ideal for actors seeking a focused and transformative learning experience within a limited timeframe, allowing for progressive skill development and personal growth. This exercise helps to break down inhibitions, increase spontaneity, and foster a strong sense of presence, allowing actors to fully inhabit their characters and engage with the scene on a visceral level, making it an essential component of the Meisner Technique.


How much are the classes?

We don’t believe in locking actors into anything, so if you find this isn’t the right place for you then you can leave whenever you like, and you’ll never be out of pocket.

Ongoing Training:These classes are 2-3 hours and are £29.00 per class. Students pay for their Ongoing Training in ten week instalments. What that means is every ten weeks students pay £290.00 in class fees for the next ten weeks of lessons and then after that, the next payment of £290.00 is due and so on throughout their training. Please note this is not a ten week course, it is simply a rolling payment instalment.

Drop-In Classes: These classes are offered on as pay-as-you-go basis.
Repetition Introductory/Basic/Advanced: £19.99

Six Week Repetition Intensive: The one off payment for the Six Weeks is £250.00

How long are the classes?

Drop-In Repetition introductory/ Beginner/ Advanced : 1.5hr
Ongoing Training: 2-3hr
Six Week Repetition Intensive: 2-3 hours

How long does it take to learn the whole Meisner Technique?

In LA, the rule is ‘If you’re not working, you’re in class’.

Sanford Meisner designed the technique to be taught over a certain period and repetitiously. Learning the entire technique takes between 18 - 22 months of weekly 2-3 hour classes.

After the technique training all graduate students are offered to move into Masterclass which is a weekly 2-3 hour open script workshop class that covers monologues, improv. and scene work.

Can I drop in and out of the Ongoing Training?

We will never make actors choose between work and coming to class.
If you land work, take the work!
But other than that, if class is on, we expect you in class.

Do I stay in the same class as I progress through the technique?

In the Ongoing Training, the class you start with is the class you will graduate with.

Is there any financial assistance to help me with training? 

Yes! We’re dedicated to nurturing and developing talent, so we can offer a full bursary package to one student per Ongoing Training intake, and one student per Six Week Intensive intake. For more information on the application process, please see our Bursary and Financial Aid Section.

Do I get anything when I finish my Ongoing Training?

You will receive a certificate of completion.


Is there an age limit on training?

For both Ongoing Training and Drop-In classes, students must be aged 19+

Do I have to be an experienced actor to join?

The ethos of The London Meisner Company is one of supportiveness.

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran or somewhere in between, we have a class for you to work with you at your skill level.

Do I need to audition?

Auditions are not required.

Students interested in the Ongoing Training will be required to attend a quick Application Interview.

Students interested in Drop-In classes can just book their class directly on either the booking portal or our Instagram page.

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How do I book an Application Interview?

Please go to our Contact Page and use the online calendar to book in a time and date that suits you.

What does the Application Interview entail?

The interview is non-pressure meet and greet where we get to find out about you and where you want to go career wise and how Meisner can help.

I’ve done Meisner before. What can you offer me?

If you’ve studied the technique thoroughly before then please get in contact with us and we can discuss what level may suit you.

Who runs the classes?

Craig McKenzie

• Introductory Repetition
• Beginner Repetition
• Advanced Technique

Craig leads these repetition classes after completing 3 years of training with The London Meisner Company and completing his degree at Guildford School of Acting. His acting credits include Doctor Who and Ding Ding Next. He has taught the Meisner Technique at The London Meisner Company, The National Film and Television School and East15 Drama School. He also teaches The London Meisner Company’s Online 4-month Intensive.

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Advanced Repetition Drop-In
• Six Week Repetition Intensive

AJ is a Canadian actor, filmmaker, and all-around athlete. Most recently, AJ starred in Eugenio Derbez’s workplace comedy They Came at Night, co-starring Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander. They Came at Night is premiering on TelevisaUnivision’s ViX in 2024. He began his career improvising with the legendary Rapid Fire Theatre and won a Canadian Comedy Award for his role in a sketch comedy show where he pretended to be a surprisingly violent dinosaur. He has appeared on networks such as HBO, Netflix, and CW. He began training in Meisner technique in 2014, under John Riven. He has taught and coached improv and acting both privately and commercially, including the upcoming 2024 Coca-Cola Olympics stills campaign.

Also a writer and director, AJ's works have appeared in festivals and comic cons all over the world. He co-wrote and starred in Timberwood, an award-winning pilot which screened at Series Fest and LA Comedy Festival. His films BEAR TRAP and Damage Control both premiered at the Oscar-qualifying Edmonton International Film Festival. His most recent film, We/Us, is currently on the festival circuit.

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Robyn Paterson Founder and Sole Director of The London Meisner Company

Robyn Paterson

• Ongoing Training

Robyn teaches the Ongoing Training studio classes. She has worked as a professional actress for over 20 years. Her credits include Shortland Street, Go Girls, The Almighty Johnson’s, ANZAC girls, Power Rangers, The Blue Roase and The Generation of Z. She founded The London Meisner Company after graduating from drama school and then studying with Sanford Meisner graduate Michael Saccente and then at The Neighbourhood Playhouse School of Theatre in NYC, USA.

Graduates of the Ongoing Training studio can be seen in shows like Derry Girls, The Peripheral, Slow Horses, Bridgerton, The Crown, The Lion King, Doctors, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Peaky Blinders to name a few.

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