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These extensive Meisner Technique learning packs cover each and every aspect of the Meisner Technique and it's most pivotal exercises in their most simple form so that they can be adapted for your secondary or college students level.

These packs cover vocal, movement skills, characterisation skills + communication skills.

These packs help students accomplish the ability to create characteristics in roles that supports the communication of creative intent to the audience, with comprehensive focus, energy, confidence and commitment that are integral to the overall performance.

Assured characterisation shows an accomplished level of refinement and range of moods and emotions.

Each pack contains 10-13 slides that contain a comprehensive overview of what each exercise is designed to accomplish, learning outcomes, class objectives and step by step instructions on how to adapt and teach each exercise to your class.

A suggested time frame is included. Packs can be taught over in a 10-12 week term but also can be shortened to a 2 week unit. It can be taught sporadically to high school juniors/seniors but can easily be used for beginner or advanced college students also.

Suggested reading material and Youtube links are also included and ongoing support via online Facebook Community is also provided.

Suggested Reading: Sanford Meisner on Acting by Sanford Meisner and Dennis Longwell.


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Resource – Pack

All 7 Packs in one bundle

Pack 1

Single Word Repetition

Pack 2


Pack 3

Independent Activities

Pack 4

Knock at the Door

Pack 5

Emotional Preparation

Pack 6

Finger Reads

Pack 7

Repetition with Text