TLMC Financial Aid Program

The London Meisner Company is dedicated to ensuring that aspiring actors have access to quality training regardless of their financial circumstances. To support this mission, they offer a bursary and financial aid program for students who may not be able to afford training and class fees.

This initiative aims to make their renowned Meisner technique training accessible to all, providing opportunities for talented individuals who might otherwise be unable to pursue their passion for acting due to financial constraints. By offering financial assistance, the London Meisner Company is not only investing in the development of individual talents but also in the diversity and richness of the acting community as a whole.

There is one full bursary  available for the full two year programme beginning in September 2024 and one full bursary available for our six week Meisner Intensive starting in June 2024.

If you have any further questions on the bursary and financial aid available, please contact us, otherwise please fill in the form below to apply.

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